Prof. Cornelius J.M. Beniers

International and Intercultural Management Expert

General Director

Beniers Consultancy was founded by Prof. Beniers in 1995.

Prof. Beniers made his work experiences as an international manager with Philips NV. On top of that he used his knowledge and international experience for NATO Officers with the Dutch Air Force Staff College.

Moreover he provided training programs, workshops and seminars in the fields of selling skills, international management, intercultural competence and international negotiating skills for the following companies:

  • Altmark Trans, Germany

  • Amer Nielsen Research, Estonia

  • Bank of Tallin, Estonia

  • Estonian Water Company, Estonia
  • Fortis, The Netherlands
  • Consulate General Kingdom of the Netherlands in Düsseldorf, Germany

  • Consulate General Kingdom of the Netherlands in Hamburg, Germany

  • Business Management Society, Germany

  • Business Academy in Konstanz, Germany
  • Business Academy in VS-Villingen, Germany
  • Chamber of Commerce in Bielefeld, Germany
  • Chamber of Commerce in The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Chamber of Commerce in Dortmund, Germany
  • Chamber of Commerce in Konstanz, Germany
  • Chamber of Commerce in Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Institute for Economic and Technological Business Management in Lemgo, Germany
  • KPN, The Netherlands

  • Loewe Opta, Germany

  • Philips NV, The Netherlands

  • Proost en Brandt, The Netherlands

  • Vedior Holding, The Netherlands

  • Ministerie van Defensie Koninkrijk der Nederlanden

He also delivered public lectures for members of the Chamber of Commerce in Coburg and Magdeburg in Germany.

Prof. Beniers gives German and Intercultural Management lectures at the faculty of International Business Studies at the University of Professional Education in The Hague (The Netherlands).

On the top of that he is guest professor of Intercultural Management with the Universities for Applied Sciences in Reutlingen, Coburg, and Stendal in Germany. He also gave public lectures with Plekhanov University (Moscow, Russia), University of Teesside (UK), Tallinn University (Estonia), and with University at Viana do Castelo (Portugal).

He has authored the following:

  • “International Business Communication for Industrial Engineers”
  • “Internationale Verhandlungstechniken”
  • “Strategisches Management” Band 1
  • “Strategisches Management” Band 2

  • “Strategic Management 1”

  • “Strategic Management 2”

  • “Strategic Management 3”

  • “International Strategic Management”
  • “Business Communication”
  • “Erfolgreich telefonieren”
  • “Rhetorik für Führungskräfte”
  • “Selling, Building Relationships”
  • “Kundenorientierte Verkaufsgespräche”
  • “Het klantgerichte verkoopgesprek”
  • “Erfolgreich argumentieren”
  • “Business Words: Dutch-English-German”


  • “Critical Thinking”

  • “Interkulturelle Kommunikation”

  • “Interkulturelle Kompetenz”
  • “Interkulturelle Integration”
  • “Umgang mit Vorurteilen und Stereotypen”
  • “Umgang mit anderen Kulturen”