Good relationships develop through good connections! The telephone is by far the most important instrument for commercial communication today: 70 percent of all contacts with clients develop via the telephone. The person who can cope with the rules and law of the telecommunication, can steer telephone calls effectively and successfully. This seminar devotes time to these rules and laws, for example how one creates a positive atmosphere during the conversation, applying question techniques, client acquisition, etc..

Target group

All those who in the economy and the service sector develop and/or maintain contacts with clients and prospective clients by telephone in the economy and the service sector.


  • Preparation of the telephone call

  • Polishing up the company’s reputation

  • The outgoing call

  • The incoming call

  • Formulation of request

  • Passing on messages

  • Use of idioms in telephone calls

  • Difficult business partner

  • Complaints

  • Service

  • De-blocking

  • Penetrating

  • Types of telephone calls

  • Useful aids

  • Multi-media

After the seminar

After the seminar participants can distinguish between various telephone calls and proceed accordingly and successfully. Participants are capable of using the most modern listening and questioning techniques. They can conduct goal and dialogue oriented telephone calls. Participants can create conditions for a successful telephone call. Participants identify and interpret the meaning of feelings in telephone calls. They learn how to modulate their voice effectively.

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