The “lateral thinking” method conceived by Dr. Edward de Bono is based on the logic of creativity. New ideas and concepts can be developed by careful and purposeful use. Whilst thinking laterally, one learns to use conscious and structured methods for the production of creative ideas.

Target group

Managers in trade and industry and in the service sector. Politicians, who are confronted in their jobs with requests for new ideas and alternatives that lead to the solution to more or less complexand complicated problems.


  • Finding alternatives

  • Creating concepts to subjects

  • Emphasising creative aspects

  • Promoting continuity

  • Using of provoking ideas

  • Evaluating the thoughts

  • Using ideas meaningfully

After the seminar

Participants will have a clear understanding of the logic of changes of concepts and creative thinking. They have an understanding of creative attitudes. They have a good knowledge and control of the methods and techniques, which can be used systematically, in order to increase the creativity of individuals as well as groups.

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