Leadership means primarily holding interviews. The higher one climbs the hierarchical ladder, the more frequently one will have to speak with colleagues, discuss factual issues, motivate and build up teamwork, enforce decisions etc.. Nevertheless, practice shows that senior managers do not sufficiently communicate with their work force. Also, employees are often not dissatisfied with the quality of discussions. In this seminar participants can practise the necessary techniques in role plays: In this way they learn how to communicate successfully with their employees.

Target group

Young executives, who want to become and develop themselves into modern managers.


  • Effective preparation of conversations with feedback sessions after the performance.

  • Organization of the field and surroundings to be covered

  • Success rules for discussions with employees

  • Speaking, listening and questioning techniques

  • Meta communication

  • Typical mistakes made in conversations

After the seminar

Participants can prepare a discussion with employees and check afterwards with a feedback session more effectively. They know how to lead a discussion successfully and how to avoid mistakes during the conversation with the employee.


It is advisable for participants of this seminar to first take part in the seminar “Rhetoric for managing directors”.

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