Today we live in a “global village”. With the technical means of communication it is possible for us to communicate with people at each time and anywhere in the world. This means that we can also communicate with people from foreign cultures. This intercultural communication, however, is anything but simple: because of cultural differences the risk is high that misunderstandings and therefore frictions between transmitters and receivers will occur. The seminar “intercultural communication” is about the various aspects of intercultural communication and the possibilities to avoid misunderstandings.

Target group

Managers in trade and industry and in the service sector, who communicate with people from foreign cultures.


  • Communicating with people from different cultures

  • Barriers in intercultural communication

  • Cultural relativism

  • Deep Culture

  • Surface Culture

  • Cultural dimensions

  • Cultures in the 21st. century

  • Objective language

  • Prejudices

  • Stereotypes

  • Empathy

After the seminar

After the seminar participants know what is understood by the term “culture”. Participants know characteristics and dimensions of a culture. Participants know how to deal best with these. Participants are aware of the barriers within intercultural communication. They will be capable of overcoming these. Participants will know how best to deal with prejudices and stereotypes.

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