As a result of increasing globalization internationally operating managers are more and more frequently confronted with dimensions of other cultures. This entails the danger of misunderstandings. This seminar provides the participants with the tools to communicate and negotiate with people from other cultures.

Target group

Internationally operating managers


  • Planning of negotiation

  • Preparation of the negotiations

  • Psychological awareness

  • Communication

  • Intercultural aspects

  • Key-factors in the negotiation-process

  • Styles of negotiation

  • Negotiation strategies

  • The four dimensions of negotiation

  • Phases of the negotiation

  • Intercultural communication

  • Barriers in intercultural communication

  • Negotiating with people from other cultures:
    (American, British, Chinese, German, French, Italians, Japanese, Russian)

After the seminar

Participants will be able to work in accordance with state of the art procedures in international negotiation. They will be aware of the problems of intercultural communication. They can avoid intercultural misunderstandings. They can communicate and negotiate successfully with people from other cultures.

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