The present-day client is a selective one, because he/she would like to receive the right advice from the sales person. Furthermore, the customer insists on first-rate quality; services and modern design. All this leads to the situation that today the successful sales person becomes an adviser and offers a solution the person’s problems. An important consequence is that the modern sales person must establish long-term relationships with the client. This seminar explains to participants what competence is crucial for a modern sales person and how he/she can successfully build up and cultivate relationship with the client.

Target group

Young salespersons, who want to become a modern and successful sales professionals.


  • Types of Salesperson

  • Types of Clients

  • Types of relationships with clients

  • Image of the other person

  • Attitude, motivation and self-esteem

  • Purchase pattern and the purchasing process

  • Communication, presentation

  • Verbal and non-verbal signals

  • Influencing the client

  • Purposeful customer care

  • Features, Advantages, Benefits

  • Phases of the sales conversation

  • Objections

  • Conclusion

  • The sales persons as manager

After the seminar

Participants can compose a personality analysis. Participants know basing themselves on this analysis to which personally and sales type they belong.

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