What behavior “feels difficult”, can be a very relative matter, because everyone of us has subjective conceptions, preferences, sympathies etc.. Thus for some of us some people are favourite colleagues, for others most uncomfortable ones. This is the one side of the story. The other side is shown by this seminar: Everywhere there are employees who do not only have the company’s goal in mind; they would rather have personal goals. The seminar teaches you how to deal with these co-workers too.

Target group

Young executives and Team Leaders, and such who aspire after such positions.


  • Consistent style of leadership

  • Main categories of employees

  • Typical causes for difficult discussions with employees

  • Stages of problem escalation

  • The balance between reason and feeling

  • Effective preparation for discussions

  • Dealing with defensive reactions

  • Seven phases of employee discussions

After the seminar

Participants will diagnose the attitudes of difficult employees. They know how to deal with these situations. They are then able to handle tricky employee discussions because they have prepared themselves effectively. They overcome the effects of difficult conversations and can easily deal with defensive reactions on the part of the employees.

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