Job satisfaction among employees satisfaction does not depend on their salaries alone. The famous “3 Esses ” in leading employees: Say, Stay and Serve play a crucial role here. Happy employees are a company’s best representatives. They also represent a huge commitment on this „3-S-Level“. Employees who are committed to the company reamin faithful to it. The workforce shows little fluctuation and can hold and can keep its skills and abilities. The best employees are the ones that are happiest with the tasks they perform. For them it is no problem to support the company with all their power. You only have happy employees if you appeal to and further their abilities. In modern companies this development of abilities takes place on the basis of personality development plan (PDP). This particular seminar shows participants, how to structure and develop a personality development plan.

Target group

Managers of Staff Department in trade and industry and in the service sector.


The meaning of abilities in conjunction with modern HRM management in enterprises and organizations. The eight stages in the development of a personal development plan investigated by Staff Department. Regular actualization of personality development plan.

After the seminar

Participants will detect the abilities of the employees in their company or organization. Participants can develop a structured and goal oriented personality development plan. They know they now how to evaluate and to update a PDP.

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