Communication has turned into the key concept of very rapid economic processes in modern industrialised countries. Above all, executives assume that in most cases they will be successful by using strong traditional rhetoric. That is not enough however: Nowadays as a managing director you must permanently prove yourself in an argumentative way. This seminar shows participants, how one can conduct successful business conversations with modern argumentation, successful listening and question asking techniques. In addition they will learn how to put themselves through with the use of argumentation techniques in difficult and crucial employment discussions.

Target group

Executives in business life


  • The communication process

  • Business conversations

  • Planning and phases of business conversation

  • Conversation formulas

  • Argument, argumentation, arguing

  • Content oriented task

  • Relationship oriented task

  • Speaking, listening and questioning technique

  • Types of business conversations

After the seminar

Participants will have modern communicative tools at their disposal. They are able to develop a catalogue of argumentations for diverse situations. Participants are capable with the help of these tools of communicating successfully with their colleagues. Participants know how to become accepted in argumentations. Participants can justify their own position and challenge the opponent with targeted questions. After conversations participants can produce argumentative weak point-analyses.

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