Who are we?

Hermes International Business Training Centre was founded by Prof. C.J.M. Beniers in 1995; today he is its Managing Director. In the course of the years Hermes has developed into an internationally operating consultancy firm having its head office in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands.

In May 2003 Prof. Beniers decided to change the firm’s name from Hermes International Business Training Centre to Beniers Consultancy because of its expansion into new fields of operation.

What we do?

As an international business training centre Beniers Consultancy offer the following programmes:

  • Intercultural management

  • International product and marketing management

  • Coaching in those applying for jobs

  • Communication Design.

In detail these comprise:

  • Training programmes and seminars for internationally operating concerns, such as negotiation techniques and presentation

  • Training in the fields of:

    • International marketing management
    • Intercultural team formation
    • Motivation of employees
    • Inter-cultural staff development
    • Coaching in application for jobs
    • Communication design.

What can we do and what makes us special?

Beniers Consultancy enhances their international reputation for example by lectures and presentations at international conventions in which company managers and politicians participate, as well as by publishing books and booklets and articles on international economic and political issues.

Also, the Beniers Consultancy’s communication design programme has demonstrated its high level, nationally as well as internationally. Thus their expert produces professional webdesigns for politicians, German television journalists and international concerns.

By means of their intensive relations with home and foreign concerns and universities Beniers Consultancy succeed in making their training programmes and seminars client-orientated, innovative and in accordance with the latest developments in concern-management.

Many visitors are interested in the amount of rich information of the homepage www.beniers-consultancy. com, which is easy to find in internet. The information offered is up-to-date because of a continuous stream of new publications of, among other things, articles by Prof. C.J.M. Beniers and references to significant foreign publications on economic issues.

All members of Beniers Consultancy team have a long training and consultancy practice at their disposal, apart from their specialised studies.

With this experience we will be delighted to contribute to the success of your concern.

What do we offer you?

  • Well-founded professional support of concerns in an international context

  • Long and well-founded experience in international professional career planning

  • Assessment Centre Tests in accordance with state-of-the-art psychology.